90 Day Video Challenge Update – Digital Marketing Training Tips

Digital Marketing TrainingClick Here to get instant access to one of the best Online Digital Marketing Training courses. In this video I give a brief update about my progress with the 90 day video challenge. Sometimes in business, you have days that are uneventful and very little happens.

Today was one of those days, however…tomorrow is a new day and if you want to learn digital marketing…then go to my recommended resources at the link above or below.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is when you are marketing online products and services using online resources. These products require no shipping, no physical storage, no inventory, no maintenance, heck…you don’t even have to create it yourself.

There are a number of free online digital marketing courses out there, Click here for an example of one.

Online digital marketing can be VERY lucrative, and can consume very little of your time. However, you must take the time to learn digital marketing in order to be proficient at it.

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