Boosting Posts on Facebook Like a BOSS!

Boosting Posts on FacebookClick Here to Grab your FREE download. In this video I talk about boosting posts on Facebook like a BOSS! You may have noticed that your organic reach of your Facebook posts have been declining over the past year or so.

The main reason for that is Facebook’s updated algorithm is only showing your Facebook Fanpage posts to the users who engage with your content the most. If someone hasn’t engage with your posts recently, then they are not seeing what you post.

The best way to increase your Facebook post reach is to do some Facebook ads using their boost Facebook post option. This will allow you to target your fans only, you fanpage fans and their friends, or you can reach a whole new audience altogether.

I give you some tips to follow in this video, and if you want to see how to increase likes on Facebook, then this FREE download will help.

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