Mindset of an Employee vs Entrepreneur

Employee vs EntrepreneurIn this video I talk about the difference between the mindset of an Employee vs Entrepreneur. If you want business success, you must understand the difference. Far too often, people rush out to start a business without understand that they are entering a whole different world which requires a new way of looking at things.

Being your own boss as a business owner does not offer the sense of safety and security that being an employee offers. The uncertainty of your next paycheck might be too much for your average Joe/Jane to bare.

That’s why looking at videos like this one on a daily basis will keep you focused and motivated to overcome the hurdles of business ownership. You must develop a business mindset, and decide that failure is not an option. Even finding yourself a mindset coach will be helpful if you’re having a tough time transitioning.

It’s also important that you have a business plan that help you in setting business goals. Whether you want to open a corner store, restaurant, salon, barber shop, be a trucking owner operator, or start an online business. Without a plan, you are planning to fail.

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